MenAfriNet Consortium Partners

MenAfriNet is a consortium of partners in support of high-quality meningitis data for Africa to evaluate the impact of vaccines and better understand disease trends. MenAfriNet governance includes an external Advisory Board, a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from each implementing partner, a Director from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the lead implementing partner), a Technical sub-committee, and three working groups responsible for the development and implementation of technical guidance in collaboration with a network of international, regional, and country partners who support the project in various capacities.

A special thanks goes out to the MenAfriNet Consortium Partners that make these collective efforts to decrease the burden of bacterial meningitis across the African meningitis belt possible.


In 2013, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a $10 million, 5-year grant to the CDC Foundation to ensure the availability of high-quality, case-based meningitis surveillance data from across the African meningitis belt. This led to the establishment of the MenAfriNet Consortium, which proved to be a highly effective model for country and partner collaboration. To build from these successes, a second grant was awarded to the CDC Foundation in 2019 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for $5 million. This funding is transferred to partners of the consortium, such as the World Health Organization, Davycas International, and country laboratories, to support and strengthen case-based surveillance, laboratory capacities, and outbreak response.

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